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OMG! Kelis New Crazy Style 2011


Kelis decided to awake her mythical wild side and sport an eye-popping red carpet outfit that guaranteed a prominent position in our crazy celebrity fashion gallery. Looking forward to see her next best outfit that could rival the ‘popularity’ of this one!

Nicki Minaj New Style 2011


As one of the extreme trailblazers of the moment, the music diva Nicki Minaj succeeded in mesmerizing the public with her unearthly look. The colorful dress with unique and exquisite details radiates a nonconformist attitude towards fashion.

Dr Martens x Sanrio Collection Spring & Summer 2011


Those who hoped that the collaboration between Sanrio and Dr Martens brand won't be a one time deal, have a good reason to rejoice. A second collection featuring the beloved Hello Kitty symbol
will soon hit the market, allowing Hello Kitty enthusiasts to feed their addiction and expand their existing shoe collection. Find out all the available details about this exciting collaboration.

Despite being around for more than 35 years now, the Hello Kitty symbol continues to be as popular if not more popular than when it was first released. Throughout the years, the market has been flooded with Hello Kitty inspired products and the appetite for the cute cartoon character has continued to rise. Taking these proven facts into account, it is not hard to understand why the Sanrio brand is included in so many different collaborations.

After the well known brand Vans has announced the Vans X Hello Kitty sneakers line, another well known brand has decided to take a step in the same direction. The Japanese brand, which featured a collaboration with the Dr Martens brand last year, as part of the 50 year anniversary of the company, has a new project waiting to be released. Fortunately for Hello Kitty fans, the two brand have decided to continue their fruitful collaboration this year with a brand new collection.

The only downside, if it can be considered as one, is that unlike the first collection which featured five different options to choose from, the new collection will only have two shoe styles. The two shoe styles are called the Shoreditch Boot and the Carnaby Mary Jane. Another important distinctive feature of the new collection is that the designs will also feature additional Sanrio characters such as Little Twin Stars, Chococat and Keroppi, My Melody and Patty & Jimmy.


One of the most exciting aspects about the new limited edition shoe collection is its release date. Although the exact date has not been revealed, it has been said that these cute shoes will be released in mid April, which means you will soon be able to purchase them. Purchasing options are also an important detail worth keeping in mind. Up until now, rumors state that the collection might be available at However, since the previous collection was available at, this might be another possibility. Last but not least, don't forget to check the websites of the two companies to be able to get additional info. 

Skin Care Tips for Women


Choosing to pay attention to your skin can only be a positive thing and the sooner you start, the better and more visible the results will be. Skin care in your 20s is meant to promote healthy,
youthful skin and prevent the signs of premature aging from appearing, so take the following tips into account and make the best of your skin!

Choosing to adapt your skin care regime to your age is a must as each decade that passes leaves its print over the skin, causing changes which we need to adapt to in order to promote that healthy, youthful looking skin that grabs your attention instantly. People have been trying to find a miracle cure, the “fountain of youth” for the skin, but the only thing that works so far is a well established skin care routine and a healthy lifestyle.

The skin care tips for women in their 20s are meant to ensure the base for a youthful looking the sooner you start paying attention to what your skin needs, the better and the more visible the results will be over time.

The major things that affect the complexion in our 20's are usually mild breakouts and fine lines. Fine lines can be caused by the turbulent lifestyle such as not getting enough sleep, smoking, and many more others, so caring for the skin and preventing negative effects from damaging our delicate complexion is a must.
Here are a few steps which are meant to promote healthy, wrinkle-free skin, that radiant youthful skin that the 20s should be all about:

Care for your skin in the morning and in the evening using appropriate skin care products for your complexion type. Wash your skin, exfoliate once a week and moisturize daily regardless of your complexion, as moisturized skin maintains its elasticity and thus is less likely to develop early fine lines and wrinkles. Protect your skin and lips with SPF cream when outside and apply a special eye cream on the area surrounding the eyes as it is much more sensitive than the rest of your complexion.

Facial masks are definitely a must at least once a month as they can really aid your skin. There are a so many ingredients which can do wonders for your skin and deal with different skin problems it would be a shame to miss out on them. Turn to professional facials done at a beauty salon or save some money and be green by turning towards homemade facials as there are a myriad or recipes to choose from.

Vices are definitely not good fro your health thus for your skin also, this is why if you're a smoker you should seriously consider quitting. Smoking tends to promote the development of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, in addition to aiding premature aging skin. Alcohol too causes dehydration (among other health issues) which can affect your skin, so try to avoid these vices as much as possible if you want your skin to radiate beauty and health.

Turn towards anti-aging foods and products after you hit 25 as it's best to start early on preventing wrinkles. There are a myriad on anti-aging facial creams so try to find one that suits your skin needs.

Get enough sleep and get all the necessary vitamins so your skin can regenerate and maintain its elasticity. There is a reason why the 8 hour night sleep is called the beauty sleep, so make sure you get enough rest and all the vitamins your body needs to function perfectly if you wish to look and feel great.

Use high quality products only as they can really make a difference for your skin. The price is sometimes a sign for quality as the higher the price the extended the research on the product and the higher the quality of the ingredients is. However that doesn't mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on creams, but you should however choose the ones that don't use low quality ingredients and come very cheap.

Homemade Acne Spot Treatment Ideas


The following homemade acne spot treatment ideas will show you the most skin-friendly and organic methods on how to combat the appearance of pimples. Fight the harshest skin problems
using the secret weapons revealed by highly acclaimed skin care specialists.

Taking up the fight against skin problems is essential, in order to stop the damages caused by these skin enemies to our skin cells. Acne is one of the harshest skin conditions that leaves its mark on our look. Acne scars and inflammation are some of the most widely known consequences of pimples.

Therefore if you're ready for your skin care revolutionizing project, check out the following homemade acne spot treatment ideas below. These facials thanks to the soothing and healing effect of natural ingredients will have the super-power to cleanse our skin from zits. Swelling and the painful experience that joins acne can be eliminated with the help of organic remedies that arm up skin cells with the best vitamins and anti-oxidants to stay strong and resits the series of attacks coming from external factors.

Green Tea and Carrots

It might be a surprising combo, however skin specialists recommend the matching of these two ingredients to increase the efficiency of this spot treatment. Thanks to the antioxidants from both of these natural elements your pimples will disappear after a few skin spa sessions.

Grab a medium bowl and boil a medium sized carrot. Afterward mash it and mix the paste with a few tbs of green tea. After achieving the right consistency use a cotton swap to apply it on your zits. Leave the facial on for 15 minutes, then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Orange and Eggs

This time we would like to combine the super-healing ingredients to create more efficient remedies for your acne. In this case use the fabulous cleansing effect of orange peels and egg whites. First extract the juice of a medium orange and mix it with an egg white. The soothing paste can be easily applied to your pimples with the use of a cotton swab. Keep the facial on for 15 minutes to get rid of inflammation and the pain given by severe zits

Strawberry Leaves

Strawberries are extremely delicious and now, you can use them as the best remedies against pimples. However in this case rely on the alkalinity of the strawberry leaves instead of the actual fruit. Wash the leaves with cold water and apply them on your zits. Leave on this treatment for at least 10 minutes, in order to give the soothing elements from the leave enough time to exercise their positive effect. This skin care trick will reduce the swelling and inflammation in an instant.

Jojoba Oil

Use essential oils to get rid of your skin problems. Start with your pimples and make sure you devote special attention to the restoration of your spotless complexion. Jojoba oil has a similar composition to that of our natural sebum, therefore it can act as an efficient pore cleansing remedy. Apply a few drops of jojoba oil on a cotton swab or ball and rub the lotion gently into your zits. Leave the treatment on for 15 minutes, afterward rinse it off with tepid water.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Buy this soothing lotion from your local skin-care shop and use it with confidence in your battle against pimples. This natural elements is rich in anti-oxidants and provides sensitive skin with a protective shield against various skin enemies. In order to achieve positive results in the quickest time all you have to do is apply a few drops of Rosehip seed oil on a cotton swab. Then wipe your zits with this green remedy to make sure the essential oil penetrates into the lower layers of the skin. Include this soothing ritual into your daily skin care routine especially if your complexion is in a pretty delicate condition.

Georgina Goodman Shoes Spring & Summer 2011

These shoes were made for walking ... and for spicing up your summer wardrobe. The latest Georgina Goodman spring/summer 2011 collection called 'Adventures in Lucid Thought' is all about
feminine, luxurious, fanciful items in cool shapes and colors. Take a look at this fantastical line in which soft, nude shades perfectly mingle with daring brights and pretty embellishments.

The Georgina Goodman spring/summer 2011 collection is absolutely out-of-this-world. Named 'Adventures in Lucid Thought', the line features impressive, magical designs using unique shapes and colors. Vibrant pink and yellow, but also more delicate shades of nude and versatile neutrals are the key elements describing the items in this collection.

Even though black is a safe option when it comes to choosing an elegant pair of shoes, you can take a change and add an edgy touch to your look with something brighter that can exude power, self-confidence and elegance.

In the Georgina Goodman collection for the forthcoming season, hot pink is highly used for shoes and sandals proving that this color can successfully replace the timeless black. Moreover, adorable embellishments such as bows and the word 'love' adorn the items in this line in the sweetest way ever. There is no doubt that pink shoes require maximum attention when mixing and matching, yet remember that they can represent the perfect way to spice up nude outfit. 

What can be more stylish and versatile than a pair of simple nude shoes? In fact, nude shoes are a must-have in every woman's wardrobe not just because they are extremely flattering, elongating your legs, but they can be matched with anything and everything. Besides bright yellows and pinks, the Georgina Goodman spring/summer 2011 collection also includes minimalist designs for classy appearances.

In addition, Georgina Goodman's "Dusty" shoe that uses a pebble platform which seems to quickly become a trademark for Goodman and the statuesque 'Dawson' peep-toe pumps with stripes and parabolic pebble platform are indeed rather unusual, yet they are sophisticated and majestic.

Black shoes will never go out of style and the best thing is that they will never let you down whether you choose them for a casual, daytime outfit, or, on the contrary, for something more formal and glam. Black shoes and sandals provide maximum elegance and refinement whenever you want to keep it simple. From elegant sandals to peep toe platform mules, the Georgina Goodman spring/summer 2011 collection features gorgeous black footwear, so versatile, practical and chic.

The already famous platforms are irreplaceable pieces during the warm season. Despite their dizzy heights, platform sandals are comfortable, flawlessly completing your summery wardrobe. Georgina Goodman brings various platform designs and colors.

Wear them with skinny jeans for a more attractive approach, with shorts and tunics for the ultimate urban-chic look, with maxi dresses for romantic appearances, or flared jeans for a retro vibe. Platforms are extremely flattering for petite figures. On the other hand, if what you want is something more comfy and relaxed, flat sandals are always a great option.

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Makeup Collection Spring 2011

You don't always have to spend hundreds of dollars on a makeup product to look fabulous, you can also turn your attention towards affordable cosmetics which feature quality products at a
reasonable price. Sonia Kashuk's label allows you to benefits from fabulous makeup products which have a reasonable price, so check out her latest collection and select your favorites!

Beauty does have a high price most of the time, but that doesn't necessarily have to be that way. With a little bit of interest, you can find affordable makeup products with the highest quality and stylish packaging. This concept was embraced by Sonia Kashuk, who's love for makeup helped this dream materialize, enabling women to find quality yet affordable products to underline their natural beauty.

One of the latest additions to the brand is Sonia Kashuk's limited edition spring 2011 makeup collection, which features all the basic products you need in your spring/summer kit.
Sonia Kushuk has worked with important names in the entertainment business, including Cindy Crawford, which whom she co-authored Cindy's Basic Face: A Makeup Workbook.

In order to maintain the prices affordable, Sonia knew she had to cut out the middle man and partner-up with with a retailer, and so she did. Her choice was Target and they loved Sonia's concept, and since 1999 Sonia and Target's collaboration has been blooming.
Sonia states she has a personal interest in testing the products and she uses all her products. If you're looking for a fab makeup product at a reasonable price, check out Sonia Kashuk's makeup line, including the following, limited edition spring 2011 makeup collection, which can help you underline your best facial features, delicately for a seductive and natural look. 

Spring Awakenings Palette
This makeup palette can offer you the benefits of a natural, fresh look through its earthy and coral tones. Spring awakenings enables you to to use your favorite hues on your cheeks, eyes as well as lips, meaning you have everything you need included in a gorgeous ready to travel palette, that features a woven design and an inside mirror you can use to create your lovely makeup. The palette features: four fabulous eye shadow shades in matte tan, matte chocolate, metallic bronze and sparkling champagne; a deep brown eye intensifier; a lovely coral hued blush; three adorable sheer lip glosses in shimmery nude, cocoa and rosewood.

Blink Of An Eye Pencils
Eye definition is always important if you wish to create a sultry makeup look that attracts attention and the easiest way to do this is by using a crème eye shadow or eyeliner that easily applies on the eyelid. These pencils are perfect to carry around with you so you can create or retouch your makeup every time you desire. The Blink Of An Eye eye set includes 3 fabulous eye pencils which you can use to brighten-up your look. They come in the following fab hues: shimmery silver, gold and metallic brown pencils.

Roped In Kabuki
Makeup brushes have become an essential beauty product which can be used to create a flawless looking makeup in a matter of minutes. The quality of the brush, however, can influence the result of your makeup look so try to choose right. Sonia's Roped In Kabuki brush is 100% cruelty free and can help you create an even, flawless makeup finish that will make you stand out!

Small Treasure Brush Set
Create a sexy, flawless looking makeup using the Small Treasure travel brush set which offers you 4 must have cruelty-free bristle brushes packed in a lovely gold pouch. The se includes the following easy to use brushes: synthetic powder/ blusher brush, medium eye shadow brush, crease brush and a pointed eye liner brush.

Gold Mine Brush Set
Carry your favorite makeup essential brushes in style using the oh-so-fabulous brush set stored in a lovely wicker clutch with an organic stone closure. The makeup brush set contains the following, easy to use brushes: powder/ blusher brush, synthetic pointed foundation brush, blending brush, crease brush, small eye shadow brush, angled eye shadow brush and smudge brush.

Celebrity Long Layered HairStyles


Beautifully sculpted locks further strengthen the popularity of these celebrity long layered hair styles. Hollywood is ready to flood the fashion pack with the hottest graduated cuts that allow them
to take full advantage of their hair texture and length.

There are loads of ways on how to make a smashing statement with your long and precious locks. If you're a fan of growing out your strands to extreme measures it is also important to pay special attention to your hairdo evolution. In spite of the fact that these locks are considered ultra-feminine and luxe, long hairstyles require more than just a minimalist hair care routine.

Devote special importance to conditioning, the natural gloss as well as the shape of your 'do. Hollywood offers the best source of inspiration for your next makeover. Revitalize your hairstyle using a few life-saving ideas. Pro hair stylist advise you to opt for graduation as the best means to grant yourself with perfectly coiffured and super-polished tresses. Layering is a gorgeous method to get rid of split ends and unmanageable hair texture. You'll notice that regular trims will guarantee the subtle elegance and red-carpet-worth allure of your hairdo.

It's the season of layering, therefore do your best to select the most flattering design from the multitude of hair dressing models. Face-framing layers serve as the best means to slim down your features and add some length to your face shape. Those who wish to indulge themselves into the bliss of sporting a high street look will have the opportunity to do it with the help of these glam examples. If you've fallen in love with one of these designs make sure you speed dial your hair stylist and ask for an appointment. Asymmetrical long hairstyles scream for products that allow you to play up the texture and natural movement of the tresses. Shape up your cut with a fabulous volume boost and do your best to come up with creative ideas on how to bring out the refined structure of your hairstyle. 

Inject some drama in your look by opting for the stylish choppy layers. These when sporting your locks either wavy or super-sleek will create an equally overwhelming impression. Keep an eye on these visionary celebrity hairstyle examples to know your options. Embrace a Rock chic perspective to create enough bounce to make a smashing style manifesto with your chic hairdo. Include in the graduation process your bangs too, that deserve the same attention. A side-swept layered fringe will add a youthful and more alternative vibe to your appearance, whereas blunt bangs paired with asymmetry will enhance your long do with a graphic and high class aura. Define your purpose with this makeover to know your limits in hair sculpting. 

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