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Women's Short Mohawk Hair Styles


Refuse to get stuck in the rut and instead make sure you try out all the rad hair style options. These modern short mohawk hairstyles will provide you with the best motivation to ramp up your locks with the coolest
envisioned by the greatest hair gurus. Sport these alternative and edgy girl's mohawk hair styles with attitude and charisma.

If you're thinking about making a dramatic change in your appearance don't forget about the most stylish and alternative looks. Modern hair styling allows you to juggle with textures and length using the latest styling formulas as well as tools. These women's short mohawk hair styles are some of the coolest style options.

These statement looks will definitely give away your style-consciousness and sculpting skills. Use the versatile variations of a short crop to make a different impression each time you attend and event. Drop a glimpse at these unique examples to see how you can master the art of creating some of the coolest mohawks.





Hair style chameleons are simply crazy about the cutting edge short hair styles as the mohawks. A similar short crop will definitely encourage you to stay versed with the newest style trends and keep your locks in their best shape. Whether you keep your tresses spiked up or curly the final outcome of your makeover will be each time unique and overwhelming. Those who are truly devoted to the statement looks should trim the hair on the sides pretty short as in the case of the old school mohawk. On the other hand some might be pretty shy to do this step, therefore they are advised to keep the locks on the sides at a moderate length.





As these examples illustrate you're free to keep your strands super-sleek and texturized with a drop of gel or paste. In this case the shorter the hair is trimmed the higher the hair can be lifted. Moreover you can also curl the locks or play with the natural wavy texture of your hair to pull off a more feminine look. As a consequence the short mohawk cut offers you the opportunity to go both for the wild as well as more muted and flirty looks.





Bob Hairstyle Trends in 2013


New year, new hairstyle trends to experiment with! Get the scoop on the 2013 bob hairstyle trends before you undergo a hair makeover and pick your favorite mid-length bob haircuts from the trendy styles below!

In 2013, the versatile in-between length is more popular than ever! Juxtapose the beauty of the bob with the latest trends styling and create the perfect hairstyle that brings out your best features. Check out the bob haircuts for 2013 and pick your new look!

Hairstyles with bangs and fringes are making a comeback and they are definitely a perfect option to consider when planning a change of appearance without too much fuss. Since medium hairstyles are super popular due to their maintenance and stylish flare, with not kill two birds with one stone and opt for a bob hairstyle with bangs?





Another popular way to dress up your midi is by adding layers that softens features and create a more youthful and romantic look. Longer top layers which can also act as convertible bangs compliment most face shapes, and because of the various angles it can be cut in, you can find a style that suits your face shape and personality perfectly.





Glam Chic Fall 2012 Nail Art Designs


The fall 2012 season is packing numerous surprises for nail art enthusiasts as this season fabulous pigments in various textures from all glitter to shimmery, creamy and matte go, making the options limitless, so if you're
ready to get your nails looking glam chic, take a peek at the following nail art designs and draw inspiration for your new season mani!

The new season is packed with surprises as far as nail art goes as nail care developers have gone over the top with pigments and texture, meaning nail art enthusiasts can have a blast playing with the most fantastic nail lacquer shades. With so many fantastic shades out there to take advantage of, it would be a shame to pass on the opportunity of giving your digits a glam-chic nail-over.

This fall numerous dusky shades and dark tones such as black, midnight blue, oxblood, dark green are super popular but that doesn't mean that bright tones including gold and pink are to be avoided. On the contrary, the more contrasting the shades used to create your manicure, the more eye catching the result. Take a peek at the following nail art styles and pick your new season must try designs.





Graphic prints that hypnotize from first glimpse are perfect for the divas that want to be admired for their boldness and style and there are so many graphic prints to experiment, it's amazing. However, because of the intricate patterns required, a high level skill and a steady hand are necessary, but if you're looking for the easy way to fabulous nails, a Konad nail stamping kit can pose as a perfect solution. The best results are achieved when used two or three hues in the process as the contrasting colors will make the design pop, so go asymmetric and create a cool graphic nail art design including stylish lines, circles, hearts, paisley prints, you name it as any graphic motif created on the rich nail color base will look fantastic.





If you're searching for something that says chic, glamorous, feminine and modern, a lovely multi-chromatic nail lacquer spiced-up with some flirty details and shiny nail art accessories can definitely be the perfect choice for you. Opt for a color French tip manicure paired with a cool butterfly, a colored or monochromatic cross pattern or any other motif that you feel suits your style or opt for an all over nail polish hue spiced-up with some glitzy glam elements including rhinestones, pretty pear applications, 3D florals or any other cool find that you'll stumble upon.

Dare to experiment and mix various texture nail lacquers such as creamy finish and mattes as the result will be edgier and will surely attract even more attention.
From glittery nails to velvety finish nails, shiny and multichromatic nail polishes, the nail color polishing options are vast, so let go of any inhibitions and polish your nails to perfection using the hottest autumnal nail lacquers and accessories!





DIY Nail Art Ideas for Fall 2012


Fabulous looking nails rarely come cheap, but if you possess a bit of skill, the knowledge and a bit of patience, you can enjoy a fab mani without digging deep into your wallet. If you're ready for a DIY nail-over, check out the following fall 2012 nail art designs and start styling your digits to perfection!

Regular nail salon trips can add up to quite the sum in a year if you do the math, so if you're thinking of getting budget smart without having to deny yourself this particular 'guilty pleasure', you can turn towards DIY nail art designs as with a little bit of skill, practice, a bit of patience and the right technique, you can easily give your nails a salon-look without the costs.
A fabulous looking manicure is a must for the modern woman as perfectly polished digits can complete the look of any outfit, taking it from simple to chic, so if you're ready to explore the vast and exciting world of nail art, take a peek at the following DIY fall 2012 nail art ideas and draw inspiration for your next mani.

Obviously, a little bit of investment is required as you'll need the right nail polishes, tools and nail art accessories to work with, but depending on your preferred brand, you'll be able to put together your own nail polish kit with the same sum you would spend on a couple of mani sessions.





One of the easiest ways to get your nails looking gorgeous without barely putting in the effort is by getting all polka dotty! Polka dots are super easy to create using a dotting tool, but if you don't want to invest in it, you can get similar results using a toothpick dipped in nail polish. The bigger the end of the dotting tool, the bigger the dots, so apply the stylish dots randomly on bare nails or over your fave nail lacquer and your nails will instantly look so much more stylish.
You can also achieve stylish dots using spherical glitter flakes, which you'll apply over wet nail polish one at a time. This technique takes a bit longer, but the glitter will make your nail art designs look super glam.
If polka dots are not really your thing, opt for stylish paisley prints which you can create using a detailing brush dipped in acrylic paint or using a nail stamping tool featuring this particular pattern that happens to be super popular this fall. 





If you're crazy about color, you should definitely give marbled or any other color clashing nail art effect a try. Achieving these stylish patterns might seem like a challenge but they are incredibly easy to achieve using the right technique. Achieve a cool marbled effect by applying tiny random dots of your fave contrasting color nail polishes and using a nail art needle. Swish the needle creating 8 shapes as this will help mix the shades to reveal the cool marbled effect mani. Another cool nail art can be created by applying contrasting color nail polish lines and using the needle to drag one color over the other using one precise stroke. Continue along the line keeping the distance that you desire while the nail polish is still wet and enjoy your lovely mani without barely any effort. Checkered designs achieved using tape are also perfect for fall, so get creative and achieve numerous nail art styles using your favorite fall nail polishes.





If you're thinking glam, opt to play with glitter and rhinestones and other luxurious looking nail art accessories as there are plenty out there to choose from. Opt for a monochrome nail polish hue and give it a sophisticated allure by adding cool rhinestones over the nail lacquer. If you want a more edgy mani, create a stylish asymmetric nail art and use glitter nail polish mixed with a creamy finish nail lacquer to add even a higher visual kick to your nails. Add nail art stickers such as butterflies and tiny gold/silver tone pearls to make your digits a delight to watch.
Seal your mani with a top coat every time to protect your nail art and give the nail a more intense, long lasting shine!

Disco Hairstyles


Disco hairstyles continue to be a big influence in the hair world. In today's trends the hairstyle combines lush, amped-up volume and healthy sheen that is so mane-stream! Make a style statement and adapt glam disco hairstyles to work for you for the ultimate tress-envy!

The disco hairstyles of the '70s have a major influence on today's hairstyle trends and are great sources of inspiration for the visionaries of the hair and beauty world. Big, voluminous hair bursting with oversized curls defined the iconic disco hairstyles. The modern version of disco curls are worn by tons of celebrities and remain one of the sexiest styles around as they give any long haircut instant femininity.

Back in the '70s, disco hairstyles were mainly based on the good old blow dryer that has become a reliable tool for any hairdo. Once women discovered they can style voluminous curls using their blow dryers, they've pushed the limits of big hairdos and started a new trend


Glamorous disco hairstyles are perfect for hair that reaches the shoulders and longer, layered or one length. When styling the look, flat hair isn't an option. If your locks are lacking in the volume department, encourage root lift by working volumizing mousse throughout damp hair. This will give your hair the boost it needs as well as a solid hold once it's dry.

 Another tip for cheating volume – especially if you have fine hair – are salt sprays. These are also amazing for creating big hair as they make the hair stiff and will support the curl and hold shape well. First rough-dry hair on medium heat, then use a large round brush to build volume concentrating on the root area. Blow-dry lengths with the nozzle pointing downwards to encourage shine!

To get a Farrah Fawcett inspired hairstyle, create thick curls around the face, using a large barrel curling iron and separate hair into larger sections as opposed to small sections. Hold the iron vertically and wrap hair back and away from the face. Finish up with a generous mist of good hairspray.

Go wild with a halo of fluffed-up curls sported by '70s icon Jerry Hall by wrapping thin sections of hair onto flexi rods/ bendy rollers. Unravel the curls and run though with fingers to break them up gently.

Always remember not to overload your hair with product, especially if you're after bouncy disco hairstyles. Try to add little product at a time as the real trick to creating big hair is to ensure hair is light enough to stay up, and too much product can weigh your style down.



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