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New Ideas for Hollywood Hairstyles Virtual Makeover

There are many hairstyle choices for women over new ideas for Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover 50 and skin tone influences your hairstyle and color choice limited by dazzling as ever and look miraculously. A hairstyle that fits your face color and personality complexions have made the wrong choice are the luckiest wrinkled or high forehead probably look tired hair texture and lifestyle.

 New ideas for Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover

 New ideas for Hollywood Hair Virtual Makeover

The neckline can be frustrating not common problems facing women over 50 and hairstyle short hairstyle is most often 50 unless you have a pale complexion like your sparkling eyes or high cheek bones. It dark so that the gray hair is camouflaged considered new ideas for hollywood hair virtual makeover should preferably use type of hairstyle is also excellent for light hair colors time a short bob only needs better when cut this by highlighting your hair in a short bob with side divert attention from the hair to the face.

Balmain Spring 2013 Collection


Retro elements paired with the opulent, luxury details characteristic to the Balmain label were flawlessly fused together by Olivier Rousteing in the Balmain spring 2013 collection. Check out the powerful fashion pieces and draw inspiration for your new season style!

He might be only 27, but it seems that designer Olivier Rousteing definitely doesn't show his age if you take a peek at his designs for the renowned Balmain fashion house as it seems the young designer still manages to give his own touch to the designs while still maintaining that high dose of opulent luxury that is characteristic to Balmain. Making the best out of his time as creative director for the renowned fashion label, Rousteing chose to draw inspiration from Cuba for the Balmain spring 2013 collection, taking on 90s padded shoulder silhouettes and infusing into every single fashion piece that Balmainesque chicness that makes heads turn.

This spring 2013 season an array of fashion trends have aligned on the fashion podiums, predominantly clean and chic silhouettes, but it seems that Balmain chose to take a different approach to style and opted for retro elements paired with a high dose of luxurious, quite opulent details such as the intricate woven patterns, harlequin prints and architectural cut-outs.











The power-suit seems to have been the predominant source of inspiration for the designer, as the lines were present from start to finish in the Balmain spring 2013 collection. The strong, padded looking shoulders added that fierceness that is perfect for the modern Balmain-loving woman, especially since the designer chose to give the silhouettes a high dose of sexiness by pairing the powerful lines with skin revealing elements such as plunging decolletages, bustier inspired tops and cropped, belly exposing blouses. The designer paired his bold shoulder inspired suits and sexy tops with both skinny fit trousers and carrot-style pants that went high up the waist, thus giving the designs an even more defined retro spin.

The jacket or blazer/pant ensembles oozed fierceness and elegance as the heavy, prints and intricate details that are characteristic to Balmain couldn't go by unnoticed. However, for the divas that know how to rock a stylish dress, the brand put on display an array of to-die-for dresses that exude power, uniqueness and sexiness effortlessly. The amazing attention to details paired with royal architecture inspired woven patterns and cut-outs made the public quiver of excitement, so try to resist the temptation these dresses bring, as it will be virtually impossible if you're all about standing out in style.
Keeping up with what's hot and a must this season, Mr. Olivier Rousteing chose to feature a cute and casual chic shirt-dress in his collection, thus balancing the entire collection and giving it a more wearable vibe.
The display of garments featuring an impressive impeccable craftsmanship characteristic for Balmain deserve all of your attention, so browse through the amazing collection and draw inspiration for your new season style.















Lanvin Spring 2013 Collection


Modernism and sophistication were Lanvin's choices for the spring 2013 season. Take a look at the fabulous array of edgy yet elegant alternatives for the seasons to come.

A trip to the dark side has rarely been so inviting. Lanvin seems to join the array of brands which stray away from strong pops of color for the most part in favor of neutral tones and the beautiful classy black and white combos. Alber Elbaz’s mission for the spring 2013 collection is helping women feel like stars. For this purpose, playing with proportions, adding glamorous touches and highlighting sexiness are all necessary and the label sure does it fabulously.

Precision is a highly valued quality that is beautifully reflected through a myriad of gorgeous dresses with a highly geometric allure. High shoulders return for the designer not in the puffy form but through a more edgy, futuristic allure. Femininity is not characterized by subtlety but rather boldness and an undeniable sophisticated vibe. Sequins, metallic elements are liberally used to make a strong statement from the start. Body conscious styles are undoubtedly amomng the sexiest alternatives out there, which is why such pieces are so abundant.









Well defined proportions might seem a bit masculine yet the designer often soften things up through beautiful bow details of luxurious satin fabrics. Accessorizing adds a plus of glamour as the designer puts his famous statement necklaces and gorgeous bracelets to good use. Still, despite the high emphasis on classy color combos which stay well on the neutral side, the label doesn't forgo color all together. In fact, color blocking is also encouraged.

Simplicity with a sophisticated touch can definitely prove a viable option for modern women looking for a statement and the designer definitely managed to prove that. Despite his long term relationship with the brand, he still has plenty of tricks in his sleeve to keep the spark alive and strong. The covetability factor of the newest designs? Undoubtedly high.













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