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5 things you can do to keep your hair style looking 'young'

Have you ever paid attention to the way a woman's hair looks? That is a rhetoric question by the way.

Our hair style is probably one of the first things that people notice, after our face of course. If you are not paying attention to your hair, it will probably show up by making you look much older than you really are.

There are simple quick fixes that you can do yourself to keep your hair style young and fresh.

1. Add bangs. As we age, there are many developing lines and wrinkles on our faces. Bangs help to camouflage some of these lines and help to draw attention to our eyes for example, instead of the neckline. Long, angled, side-swept bangs are very popular right now and tend to flatter just about anyone who wears them.

2. Color up. Darker hair colors tend to draw attention to skin tones, lines and wrinkles. By coloring up 2 shades from your natural hair color, you will have a lighter, more fresh looking hair style and color.

3. Add highlights. Highlights are a great way to add lighter color to your hair. There are kits that you can buy at the drugstore, or you can schedule an appointment with your hair stylist to get just a few highlights around the face.

4. Don't do updos. Updos look so glamorous, especially for weddings and proms. But one thing you must consider is that high or total updos can make you look very matronly and draw attention to your neckline. If you want something different for a special occasion, try a partial updo and leave out wispy strands.

5. Grow your hair. Longer is better when it comes to hair styles. Longer hair tends to soften your appearance and make you look younger.

In short, you can do some things to make your hair style look young. Visit to find out what the celebrities have been doing with their hair lately.
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