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Double-Knot Hair Bow advice

Beautiful and intricate designs in an individual's hair is always eye-catching. One of the designs is a double-knot hair bow. These bows can be made from a variety of fabrics. When making bows you want the ribbon to be able to grip a bit, so shiny slippery ribbon will make creating the bow a bit more difficult. A type of ribbon to consider is called "grosgrain."


1 ·  Gather some practice string or ribbon. It is helpful to understand how to tie the double knot before you begin making your hair bow.

·  2
Make a common knot by taking the band and introduction it on a flat surface and then take one end and bring it over the other end of the ribbon to create a loop. Take the other end and pull from side to side the loop. Pull tight creating a knot. To make a double knot you add an extra loop and pull to tighten. Make a second common knot on the same ribbon and pull tight, position it next to the first knot. You may find that you need on the way to push the second knot towards the first to create a smooth, tight knot.

·  3
Purchase the ribbon (23 inches with a width of 1.5 inches) and embellishments you are going to use and then set them up, so you can get to them easily. The amount of ribbon depends on the size of the bow. For this example, the instructions are for a large bow that you can add to a headband for a baby. It is a good idea to buy more than less ribbon. Cut the ribbon at an angle at each end and then seal the ends, so they don't fray. This can be done with clear nail polish. Wait for the ends to dry completely.

·  4
Fold the ribbon at 4 inches, using a ruler if necessary, after the ends dry completely. If your ribbon has a "right" side and "wrong" side, fold the ribbon so the right side is facing towards the outside. Repeat folding the stretch 4 inches three more times, laying each fold on top of the other. You will complete four folds of the ribbon.

·  5
Check to see if the ends line up with the folds. If they do not, refold the ribbon or gently adjust the ends awaiting they are even. Take the tops of the ribbon and pull them out of the fold and line them up in the front part of the ribbon. With your thumb and forefinger, squeeze the middle together. You should see the bow taking shape.
·  6
Take some string while still holding the bow and wrap the string around the middle, pulling it tight. You can use a needle and thread or craft wire. When you have the middle secured tightly, cut off the end of the string or craft wire. If you used the thread, you want to insert the needle from the back to the front and then wrap just about the middle tightly several times. Then take the needle from the front to the back and back a double knot with the thread and cut.
·  7
Turn bow to the front surface and fluff the ribbon, so you can see the bows and the edges. You can now attach the bow to a headband, hair clip or another choice, as well as add embellishments.

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