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How to keep your cuticles healthy

Even if you have the best of nails, still cracked or unhealthy cuticles can make it look ugly. The cuticle on your nails basically are twisted in order to block any kind of bacteria enter your body. Hence, one must remember not to cut off their cuticles.

One should always ensure eating a healthy diet filled with vitamins A, B, C, D and E. Also be sure to get a lot of zinc and calcium and stop intake of alcohols. You should relate hand cream and lots of cream to your hands through out the day. You can also rub Vitamin E oil into your cuticles before going to bed. It can also smoothen and repair any cuticle damages.
You can then again try applying shea butter cream or herbal solution for healthy cuticle building. Massage them daily at the base or you may buy brush-on cuticle products from the market to nurture them

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