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Teen haircuts often reflect the latest style trends in music, film and television. While teens certainly emulate popular stars to determine their hair style, it is also true that celebrities and their stylists look to their teen-age fans of ideas to determine what haircuts the celebrities should adopt.

Because people are the most experimental, during his teenage years, new haircuts tomorrow are often first seen in the hallways of high schools and food courts in malls.

Teenagers are always looking for new ways to express their individuality and unique haircuts is an easy (and reversible) way out. If the experiment and then decide you do not like, there is only a short time before it can grow and try something else.

In the past, children were much less likely to adopt a trendy haircut, preferring the comfort for style. This is no longer the case. Today, teenage boys are as likely than girls to express themselves with new hair styles and experimental.

The most popular haircut among teenage boys is now thick curls that look almost neglected. This style is what today's shoulder-length hair of children in the 1990s. It is easy to maintain and requires very little work, but is really only viable for guys with curly hair.

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